Alumni Leadership

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Our Two Leadership Groups

The DSP Chapter in San Luis Obispo currently has an Alumni Corporation Board and an Alumni Association. Our ACB is responsible for governance of the chapter, its programs, finances, and chapter facility as well as establishment of its goals and objectives. The Alumni Association has the goals of finding, connecting, and informing our alumni as well as providing feedback to ACB and motivation to the men of our active chapter.

ACB’s Decision And Risk Management Model Used At Chapter

These members are currently dedicating their time, ideas and resources to ensure the ongoing success of the Chapter in San Luis Obispo.

Alumni Corporation Board


Jonathan "Peabody" Monfort, F'81

(714) 296-8444



Chris "Blue" Hardy, F'05

(805) 235-5761


Ian "Shooter" LeMay, F’05

(559) 905-7751

Chapter Advisor

Bill “FUBAR” Bradley, F’63

(805) 459-8355

Vice-President / Housing

Rick “Bozo” Rengel, F’75

(805) 704-3663

Vice-President / EL

Bob "ACE" Veazie

, S’76

(541) 760-2951

Alumni Association President

Ray "Mumbles" Calande

, W'74

(408) 251-6162

Undergraduate Executive Officers on ACB - With a Vote

None At This Time - The Chapter was Closed on April 2, 2018 for a period of at least 18 months.

Appointed Alumni Officers Without a Vote

Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board (CCAB) Risk Management Advisor

Jim “3.2” Evans, S’58 / (714) 282-8373

Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board (CCAB) Brotherhood Advisor

Jim “Ozzie” Nelson, F’71 / (925) 588-4764

Collegiate Chapter Advisory Board (CCAB) Financial Advisor


ACB Advisor

Optional Position, Not Presently Staffed

Generation Z Advisors

Connor “Bruce” Koch, F’12

2013-2014 Chapter Exec. Board EL Officer; 2014-2015 Chapter Exec. Board Alumni-Relations Officer

June 2015 Graduate

Eric “Goat” Winkler, S’13

2015-2016 Chapter President

Graduated June 2016

ACB President's Message

Coming soon.